'Opposites', lyrics by Adora Levin & Hanan Levin

When Adora was 4 years old, we started composing little songs together.
In the past 18 months, we wrote about 40 songs, and published one book.
Many of these songs had been put to music by musicians from around the world.
The song “Opposites“ was interpreted in 13 different styles.
Which is your favorite version?

An old dad, a young mom,
The one stayed, the other gone.
A dark hole, a bright sun,
A pretty daughter is so much fun.

A long road, a fast car
The sky and moon, they are so far.
Today we’re here,
Tomorrow there
We’re waiting for the ones who care.

A paper cup, a metal spoon
A lonely cat, a bride and groom.
A glass of milk, a cup of tea.
I love that you are here with me!

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